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New Innovative
IoT Tag Reader

Finally an Affordable & Easy to use IoT Technology Access Management System.


You have full control over who and when someone enters your property with our Cloud Link Dashboard.

Accentronix just launched their first of a kind IoTechTagTM Access Management System. The IoTechTagTM Access Management System allows you to monitor, manage and block tags (users) for a fraction of the cost compared to other expensive elaborate systems.

Accentronix Cloud Link, allows access from where ever you are.

With the IoTechTagTM Access Management System, you can manage your tags from our Cloud-link online system. No need for a fancy computer.


Full Cloud Access
Management System

Access your dashboard on your mobile device or online from anywhere. All you need is to be connected to the internet.


Full list of user
access levels

Quickly see who is on your list and their Access Restrictions Levels. Instantly change their restrictions online or from your mobile device.


Easily add and restrict
a new user

Restrict your gardener, cleaner,
contractor or visitor to a date
and time each week to access
the gate.

Easy to manage and cost-effective IoT Access Management System Solution


IoTechTag uses the latest in Technology, Mifare 13.56 MHz.

With the latest technology your tag is safe and cannot be cloned. With the IoTechTagTM Access Management System, you can manage your IoTechtags from our Cloud-link online system. If you have a computer or phone with access to the internet you are good to go.

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  • Link and manage your IoTechtags from the cloud.
  • Restrict access for tags to only work on certain days during specific times.
  • A lost tag can be deactivated with a single click.
  • Complete logs of ownership and usage of tags.
  • Bulk learn tags off-site.
  • Complete log reports.
  • Replaces old tag readers and receivers.
Phones combined

Waterproof IoT Tag Reader

  • Stylish design
  • All-Metal Card Reader
  • Water- and Dust-proof
  • ID/MF/EM Supported
  • IP65 IP rating

Add-ons. Increase and improve your capability with these add-ons.


Google Home

Integrated with Google
Assistant and Google Home -
"Hey Google, Open the gate"
Missed-call access control.
Seamlessly extend the system
to the resident's garage doors.

Asset 15


Link and manage all your E.T. remotes from the cloud. Effortlessly manage up to 10 000 residents and remotes online. Integrated with Google Assistant and Google Home. Calls directly to your mobile phone. Dual sim with a 1-year free subscription, 2 activated sim cards.



Monitor, manage and block remotes and users. Restrict access for domestic, gardening and security services to specific days and times. Feature-rich, easy to use the website for centralized management. Remotes can bulk learned off-site.

AddOn_Home App

Accentronix Smart
Home App

Control your gate, garage, lights and electric fence. Feature-rich, easy to use for centralised management. Ability to monitor, manage and block remotes, tags and users. Remotes and tags can be bulk learned off-site. Complete log reports.


Download the Accentronix Smart Home app from Google Play Store or iStore.


Accentronix based in Cape Town, South Africa Accentronix specialises in the development and manufacturing of smart access control and security systems. We provide the latest technology in access control and security systems for your home and business since 2004. Be part of more than half million people that use our system.